Track by Track – Ultan talks about his new album

This collection of songs were written on both the west coast of Ireland and the west coast of America.

Opening track ‘As The Lights Gets Low’ was written in my studio apartment in Santa Monica, LA. It came to me in a hurry, one summer evening just off Pico BLVD, within view of the legendary McCabe’s Guitar Store. It’s a song about trying to let go of circular negative thoughts.

The Town Square –  is the oldest song on this collection. Written almost 10 years ago, a song about habits and repeating rituals, not always good ones.

The third track ‘Hall Of Mirrors’ is as ‘stream of consciousness’ as I’ve gotten in a song. It has a meandering delicate flow and Echoes Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks. A record I immersed myself in as a teenager, but not since then. Recalling childhood summer days and young love.

Fond Memories – A song with resentment and bitterness embroidered throughout, but disguised in a 50’s rock n roll case. Rose tinted  glasses looking back on what was not such a pleasant time.

Sorrow Ease – That feeling where all is well in the world and one little thought can throw you back into despair and the same questions keep cropping up, followed by ‘when will my sorrow ease?’

Ojai – Is a song about taking a road trip back to a small town north of LA, to retrace the steps of a trip from another lifetime. On arrival nothing it’s nothing like the memory.

Hurt Inside – This is a song about the feelings we all hide deep down, especially from the prying eyes of society, and how we all feel like this on many a day.

Time To Mourn – This track is twinned with Sorrow Ease, a song about the process of mourning a loss. How it keeps coming back, but each time in lighter shades. Just go easy on yourself and we all ‘need a little time to mourn’.

The Measure – One of my own favorites from the record. A friends child gave me the first line. ‘Rainy Galway, Sunny LA’ . It just took on a life of its own after this. It’s a song about weighing up a persons character.

Twice A Child – This is a song that bookmarks our lives. Born a child and die a child. Everything in between is hazy and dreamlike here. Life flashing before our eyes.

A Weak Heart Of Mine – A song about how panic and excitement are close aligned. Falling in Love Can be over whelming, but eventually ‘electrifying’ .

The Fine Art Of Happiness – The closer on the record questions what the key is to ‘happiness’ and how it appears to be easier for others to achieve. A false presumption. But all the time ‘hope, embers burning bright’ .

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  1. Hi Ultan
    On my second time through yr album. I love it. Just met you in The Shack on Ecclesall Rd in Sheffield. Privilege to meet you. You have a beautiful voice, tender heart and a lot of skill!. Early favourites – Hall of Mirrors, Mourn and Weak Heart (reminds me of Herbie Armstrong, one of my heroes.

  2. I now have all 4 of your cds and I thank you for being a singer songwriter. There are literally millions of songs but most of them do not touch my heart. It seems yours consistently do. There are probably 10 or 12 songwriters that I can listen to Time and time again and feel I did not waste my time. You are one of them and I sincerely hope you find Peace Every single day because your music gives me peace and joy.Although most of your music conveys great sadness I hope that it is not a complete refllection of your inner self.Peace and Love

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